About California Street Light Association


The California Street Light Association (CALSLA) was formally organized on June 7, 1981. It was a result of the County of Marin and 11 Marin cities and towns questioning why the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) approved street light rates that had doubled and tripled in three short years.


These local governments sued Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) using the eminent domain process, and in 1986 after an administrative trial were granted the right to acquire all the street lights in the County for significantly less money than PG&E’s valuation.


CALSLA is governed by an Executive Committee, and the members set the policy for the operation of CALSLA.  Currently, Executive Committee members include representatives from the Counties of Los Angeles and Marin, and the cities of San Diego, Hemet, Oxnard, Bakersfield, San Jose´ and Berkeley. An Executive Director manages day-to-day functions, working with legal staff and a rate analyst, collects annual assessments and arranges two conferences each year (one in northern California and one in southern California.)


The California Street Light Association is made up of local government personnel banded together for the good of local government, and whose goal is to maintain fair and equitable street light rates, and to disseminate street light related information.


We know are on target, because we have successfully intervened on behalf of local government at the California Public Utilities Commission. Since 1983, CALSLA estimates that over $100 million has been saved in avoided street light rate increases.


There is more work to do and more money to be saved by advocating for reasonable electric rates, encouraging energy efficient and environmentally clean retrofits and in supporting fair acquisition strategies. Through the attendees at our conferences and participation by vendors and affiliates, we have discovered that the range of issues affecting street lighting, such as technology enhancements and innovation, adaptive and dimmable fixtures, rate design, maintenance opportunities, , legal issues and monitoring CPUC activities  continues to grow.


The California Street Light Association is adapting and identifying new ways to help members., Efforts to maintain fair and equitable street light and facilities rates have never been stronger. To fund our activities and participation in rate cases, we rely on counties, cities and towns to pay modest levels of dues annually that are more than offset by savings from lower rates.  Your involvement is key to our success, and with your help, we will be able to advocate for appropriate electric rates and facilities charges for energy efficient technologies and cost efficient funding.



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