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1How are street light rates set?No Category
2How long ago was CALSLA formed and for what purpose?History
3How much are membership dues?Membership
4Is CALSLA effective in getting lower rates?No Category
5When and where is the next CALSLA conference?No Category
6Where can I get more information on CALSLA?No Category
7Which cities and counties are members of CALSLA?No Category
8Why should our city become a paying member of CALSLA?No Category




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2018 CALSLA Conference Update

Michael Clawson - Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The 2018 CALSLA conferences on street lighting were conducted at the County of Los Angeles Public Works in Alhambra CA on May 7, 2018 and at the City of San José’s Environmental Innovation Center on May 14, 2018.   Read More

LED Streetlights

Jean Bonander - Saturday, February 15, 2014

LED Streetlights are going to change the way the night looks illuminated under city streetlights. Here is a great article that details this new development in city streetlights.   Read More

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Latest News

CALSLA 2019 Spring Newsletter06-Mar-2019

Check out our Spring 2019 Newsletter. Click the link below to download.

CALSLA 2019 Spring Newsletter CALSLA 2019 Spring Newsletter (92 KB)

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CALSLA Final Conference Announcement March 4, 201906-Mar-2019

Please read our Final Conference Announcement for 2019 below. Click the link below to download.

CALSLA Final Conference Announcement 3.4.2019 CALSLA Final Conference Announcement 3.4.2019 (76 KB)

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CALSLA 2018 Newsletter03-May-2018

Check out our May 3, 2018 Newsletter. Click the link below to download.

CALSLA 2018 Newsletter 5.3.2018 CALSLA 2018 Newsletter 5.3.2018 (86 KB)

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