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Welcome to The California City-County Street Light Association (CALSLA). We are a statewide association of  that is committed to maintaining fair and equitable street light electric rates and facilities charges, and disseminating street light related information.


We represent the interests of counties, cities and towns before the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and have done so for the past 30+ years. CALSLA advocates street light and traffic signal electric rates that are fair to local governments.  We further assist our members by providing technical and engineering information, public and private funding information, acquisition strategies, legal review and support in negotiating service issues with utilities.


Through our efforts, CALSLA has been very successful in reducing electric rates on your behalf.  In most cases, we have been the only organization representing street light customers.  Our experienced rate consultant and attorneys are vital to the success in litigating and/or negotiating lower rates for street lights and traffic controls, and in gaining better levels of service from the utilities.


Increase your knowledge and power about street lighting, and join CALSLA. Help your city or county gain the advantage of best practices in street light rate design and/or purchase of street lights from the investor owned utility companies.


California City-County Street Light Association, illuminating the possibilities of fair and equitable street light rates for all.


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